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 Check-out Counters


Check-outs are provided with 2 fully adjustable interior shelves.  They are available in any of Comac's standard finishes (see page 2).

Check-out counters are priced by the lineal foot so that you may order the exact length required for specific applications.  Please round to the next foot for pricing purposes; specify exact dimensions when ordering.

When ordering L-shaped check-outs, please use outside dimensions to determine total list price.  L-shaped check-out counters are shipped as two pieces to facilitate handling and transportation and to avoid freight damage.
Catalog # Nominal Height Nominal Depth
104 36" 24"




 Check-out Counters with Check-writer Ledge





Catalog # Nominal Height Nominal Depth
105 36" 24"

*Check-writer ledge is 46" high.

Should your requirements dictate additional drawer capacity in a check-out counter, you may wish to add 18" or 24" wide drawers to the check-out unit.

The illustration at left shows one of the possibilities for drawer configuration -- in the is case, four 24" wide drawers are mounted on the right side of the counter.

when ordering additional drawers, please specify the quantity and size of the drawers required.  Also, please indicate placement of the drawers; Comac will factory install prior to shipment per your specifications.


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