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 Combination Open Shelf & Drawer Unit

The "B" type unit is an adaptiation of the open shelf unit, substituting drawers for the top adjustable shelf.  Teh 36" and 48" wide units have two drawers as shown.  The 18" and 24" nits have on drawer at the top.  Substitute a pull-out shelf or tray for the adjustable shelf if desired.
Catalog # Nominal Width Description Approx. Shpg. Wt.
2B18 18"   80
2B24 24"   93
2B36 36"   125
2B48 48"   147
2B18-1 18" hinged door 92
2B24-1 24" hinged door 111
2B36-1 S/H 36" hinged or sliding doors 144
2B48-1 S/H 48" hinged or sliding doors 173

Either hinged or sliding doors are available in units 36" and 48" wide.  Specify either S for sliding doors or H for hinged doors in catalog number.  (Example 2B36-1H Combination drawer/shelf unit with hinged doors.)


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